The 411: My Spring 2018 Collection

Back in the 1990s, I loved the shirts that looked like someone tossed a bucket of paint on them or threw up on you. One shirt matched four or five different pair of pants because each had all the colors in one single shirt. My signature look at that time was something we all called “the NFL starter kit”: one of those ugly splatter shirts, baggy pants, and a gold chain with an NFL emblem with your name etched across the top. Whenever we wanted to get into a club, we’d pull that gold emblem out of our shirts and people would say, “Awww, yeah, he’s in the NFL.” Those were not good fashion days and I cringe (and laugh) thinking back on them.

After maturing a bit and thanks to my incredibly talented stylist, Victoria, I’ve upgraded my sense of style to something I call “classic with a modern twist.” I’ve started to really love clothing (I have too much of everything) and I really believe that a well-dressed man must always have a great watch. But when you’re suited up on TV every day, but you’re doing the whole casual “sports guy” thing in athleisure on the weekends, you want to give people a taste of what you’re really like in your down-time. And that’s what inspired my second collection for JCPenney: MSX by Michael Strahan.

The inside of my closet is packed with so much from this collection because it’s made up of stuff I really love and really wear, like the MSX shirts and hoodies and the MSX chinos because I can wear them comfortably on the plane, on the golf course, or out in the city and they’re legit. The material is so comfortable, it basically feels like you’re wearing silk all day long.

I’m a long way from those ugly splatter shirts now.