#AskStray: Questions from Fans

Throughout my career, on the field and on the screen, I’ve been super lucky to have some of the greatest, most supportive fans around. And of course, from time to time, you’ve let me know that you’re curious to know a little bit more about me (one of the most popular things I get asked: Why don’t you close that gap between your teeth?). So, I’ve decided that each month, I’ll let my fans do the asking and I’ll do the answering about whatever is on your mind in a blog and social media feature I’m calling “Ask Stray.” Below, our second round of questions directly from … you

@Fernand50272577 | Q: Enjoying your clothing line that I purchased from JCPenney. Any surprises for winter coming out?

A: We are constantly working on improving the line. We already offer great outerwear, and we are always looking at what the customer wants and needs. Keep your eyes open because we always have something new popping up.

@Jsanjel196Scott | Q: What’s the best advice you can give a young football player? P.S. He wears your number!

A: Believe in yourself and be ready to outwork everyone on and off the field. You have to earn everything on the football field … and also in life. Since you’re wearing “92” and playing defensive end, it means you better be a terror on the field. Play every play like it’s your last!

@Vtrilling | Q: Who’s your favorite Wardrobe Stylist?😜
A: Hmm … that is a tough question. Just playin’! It’s obviously you, Vikki! Victoria Trilling is the best stylist in the world and that is a fact! From The$100,000 Pyramid to GMA to NFL on Fox, Vikki and her team are the best.

@MaximillionEll1 | Q: What one book, person, and/or event would you say has been most impactful perpetually (i.e. the lesson that keeps teaching)?
A: Jane Fonda and Herschel Walker. When I was a kid, my brother’s friends used to call me “BOB” (Big ol’ Booty or Booty on Back). I turned to Jane Fonda’s VHS tapes and Herschel Walker’s workout book to get my butt in shape. It definitely paid off and taught me to work on improving myself physically and mentally.

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