Bands: The Ultimate No-Excuse Workout

Bands are amazing for many reasons, but one of my favorites is that they eliminate so many workout excuses because…

You can do multiple exercises with the same band.
You can get a full body workout in.
They’re easy to travel with.
They’re cost effective.
They add variety to your workout.
They take up no space.
You can use them anywhere!

And, yes, these little bands help build muscle!  In fact, I even incorporate them in to Michael’s workout from time to time.  So grab your bands and get movin’!

Lateral Steps (10 on each side.)
Bicep Curls (x20)
Upright Chest (x20)
Criss Cross Row (x20)
Tricep Extensions (x20)
Shoulder Raise Front And Out (10 each.)
Leg Curl (10 on each side.)
Hop Squats (x20)
(2-3 ROUNDS)

-Latreal “LA” Mitchell, Michael Strahan’s Trainer-