Carolina’s Concoctions: The Beyond Sausage Bahn Mi–Style Sandwich

Focused on creating dishes that make the most out of the freshest, healthiest, organic ingredients around, chef Carolina Santos-Neves always has something delicious cooking in her kitchen. Experimenting with flavors and tastes is her specialty and so this week, she’s using Beyond Meat’s Beyond Sausage Brat Original plant-based sausages as her food foundation for getting our big-sandwich fix without all of the guilt (or the calories). Here, she’s getting deliciously creative with the flavors of carrot slaw, cucumber, fresh jalapeño, cilantro, and sriracha.

The Beyond Sausage Bahn Mi–Style Sandwich
Serves 4

¼ cup tamari
½ cup fish sauce
2 Tbsp. honey
2 Tbsp. toasted sesame oil
1 carrot, peeled and julienned
1 small cucumber, peeled and julienned
½ jalapeño, de-seeded, and julienned
1/8 cup cilantro leaves, minced
4 defrosted Beyond Sausage Brat Original sausages, taken out of package 5–7 minutes before cooking
Pretzilla hamburger buns, toasted

Directions: 1. In a small bowl combine tamari, fish sauce, honey and sesame oil. Set aside. 2. In a medium sized mixing bowl combine carrots, cucumbers, jalapeno and cilantro. 3. Add tamari dressing to the veggies. Let sit to marinate. 4. Preheat ungreased griddle at 450° F. Once hot, place a Beyond Sausage brat on griddle and cook for 6 minutes, always making sure to move it around so that it cooks evenly. 4. Build the sandwich by placing the brat inside the bun, and topping it with seasoned slaw. Repeat for remaining sausages. 5. Serve and enjoy!