Con’s Corner: “Hustle Like You’re Broke”

Not only is Constance our fearless leader at SMAC, she’s our resident expert on how to succeed by not just working harder, but smarter than the next person in business—and in life. One of her most famous lines (we sometimes joke that this slogan should be put on the back of T-shirts) is “Hustle like you’re broke.” So, we decided to sit down with Con to ask her to break down her personal mantra for us.

Where’d it come from? “‘Hustle like you’re broke’ isn’t something Michael and I came up with—we truly live it. I went to SUNY Oswego and started as an assistant in the NFL more than 25 years ago, and every day, I’ve continued to push myself and everyone around me because there is always room to grow. We should always be trying to find ways to grow and not stay stagnant and satisfied with where we are as a company”

How often do you say it? “Every day. And if it’s not to someone else, then it’s to myself when I wake up in the morning and all I want to do is go back to bed. I just look in the mirror and I remember that we just have to keep hustling like we don’t have a dime to our names.” We always have to keep growing!

Why is it so important? “Now that Michael and I have a company with more than 15 employees, it’s not just about hustling like we’re broke for ourselves; we’re also responsible for the livelihoods of 15 people and their families. That’s something that continues to drive both Michael and I as we build a business and go to work as hungry as we were the first day we started the company.”