Con’s Corner: The “Women of Impact” Interview

I couldn’t think of a better way to wish my super-successful, super-inspiring colleague, consigliere, and best gal pal Con a very happy birthday than sharing this incredible interview with you all: When Constance sat down to talk to Lisa Bilyeu—otherwise known as the co-founder of the multi-billion-dollar company Quest Nutrition and Impact Theory—for Lisa’s “Women of Impact” podcast series, these two fierce females really broke down what it means to overcome hurdles and find empowerment in order to realize massive success. Con and Lisa talked about it all, from controlling your emotions in pivotal situations, to processing failure after taking a big risk, to why it pays to have a chip on your shoulder. Below, some of Con’s highly quotable highlights from the interview (you can download and then listen to it here, or click here to watch the full interview): 

“I’ve always had this attitude of I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. That’s always carried me forward.”

“As a woman, you’re not necessarily going to be invited to sit at the table; you have to take your place.” 

“Defeats make you humble.”

“Take some time for yourself, because when you recharge the battery, you’re better not just for yourself but for your clients and colleagues, too.”

“You can take the girl out of Yonkers, but you can’t take the Yonkers out of the girl.”

“Authenticity is my superpower. You have to be yourself.

“Life is short and you’ve got to take chances.”