Game-Changing Travel Tips

As fun as vacations are, they can also be stressful! You want every trip to be memorable, but you don’t want to put so much pressure on yourself that you aren’t even able to relax and enjoy it. We’ve put together a few simple, but game-changing tips for you to get the most out of your vacation, and do it all stress free!

We’re going to start with the first mistake people make…

We all hate the feeling of being stressed when we travel. From not knowing what to pack, to hurrying to the airport and of course sprinting to our plane, travel rarely goes exactly as planned. With that said, once you arrive at your destination, don’t overcommit. As soon as you touch down in a new place it’s easy to want to do and see everything, it’s only natural. However, if you set too many things in stone, you’ll find yourself back in that same stressful situation running from one thing to the next. The best thing about vacation is that you make all the decisions, you’re 100% in charge, so don’t add any additional stress by overcommitting.

We can all read the brochures in the lobby, but one of the absolute best things you can do when traveling is to meet the locals. Locals have a wealth of information that can’t be found in a magazine or travel book, and for the most part, they love to tell people about their home. From a hidden restaurant down a back alley to an amazing swimming spot on a secluded beach, you’ll really only find out about these incredible places by chatting up the locals.

We travel to experience new places, different cultures and make ourselves worldlier, so the word “no” should rarely be in our vocabulary when it comes to trying new things. It’s ok to do things outside of our comfort zone and it’s definitely ok to try new things when experiencing other cultures. Just because something is different than what we are used to, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give it a try. Embrace opportunities presented to you and suggestions from those you might not normally listen to, because in the end, it will make your vacation that much more memorable.

Don’t let the annoyance of not being able to pay for a souvenir put a kink in your day. We’ve all heard the saying “cash is king.” Well it’s never truer than when you travel, especially outside of the United States. Living in the U.S. it’s easy to become accustom to swiping your credit or debit card wherever we go; from the grocery store to the gas station, plastic is excepted everywhere. But this doesn’t hold true in a lot of places outside the U.S. From a taxi ride to a local vendor in a small outdoor market, cash will always be a safe bet…and in some cases, cash may get you a discount! Lastly, in the unlikely event you lose your wallet, or your credit card stops working (make sure to let your bank know you will be traveling), you’ve got cash!Travel Hack: Don’t keep all of your cash on you at once and don’t keep it all in one place!

Keep this in mind when planning your next trip to make it the most memorable and relaxing one yet!