Game Time: Red Carpet Ready

I’ll admit it: I’m always a little nervous on the red carpet. The flashes from the cameras and the chatter from the paparazzi make you very conscious of your style. But with that being said, I do love how formalwear gives you the chance to be more daring and take some fashion risks. My day-to-day style is classic with a modern twist—I like to wear suits that are clean and tailored, and I’m not typically a fan of clothes that look like they’re wearing me—but on the red carpet, I like to try and push the envelope. My stylist-guru Victoria and I have great chemistry when it comes to my wardrobe because she knows me and what I like to wear and how I like to look and feel, so we always have an open discussion. I’m not shy about telling her what I like (or don’t like), so, if there’s something that I don’t feel comfortable with, she won’t try and force me to wear it … unless she thinks I need to shake things up a bit. Basically, our style collaborations work so well because we’re not afraid to challenge each other.

Victoria definitely raised our style game this year by convincing me to wear a top-to-bottom, slate-grey velvet tux to host the Oscars red carpet. I resisted at first, but ended up really feeling my look. We’re always trying to figure out what we can get away with because let’s be honest: that’s a lot of velvet on a big guy like me. And when you’re wondering if you can actually pull a look off and then you realize you just did, that’s a ton of fun and satisfaction too.

I feel like you can never go wrong with traditional black-tie (see: Clooney and McConaughey), either, accented with a little something unexpected, like a bold bow-tie or statement socks, but I’ve really learned to love taking fashion risks (example: at the 2014 Oscars, when I walked the carpet in a black-accented burgundy suit), and I’m always interested in seeing what trendsetters like Pharrell Williams (he wears tails like no one’s business), Timothée Chalamet (who else can wear a white suit and still look so cool), and Armie Hammer (that guy can pull off full velvet, too) are going to bring.