Grooming with J’ai: A New Season for Your Skin

Because grooming doesn’t always come naturally for so many of us (especially guys), my friend, the incredible skincare and makeup artist J’ai Lone, is someone I regularly check in with for advice on how to care for my skin. Here, she talks about how we can all update our skincare routines for the new fall season. —M.S. 

We can all feel the change of season coming. The air becomes cooler, the days are shorter, the colors around us become deeper, and we intuitively want to hunker down inside more. With the change of temperatures and less light (which means less Vitamin D), the skin releases the stored heat that has built up over the summer months—and your skin may start to break out, look less glowy, and have an overall dull, tired appearance. Here’s what we—men and women—can all do to help ease the seasonal transition:

Change up your current skincare regimen. For both men and women during this traditional time, we need to add in more exfoliating products to help remove build-up on the skin. The Balancing Scrub is a wonderful addition to any skincare program, and using it every day during the change of season will help get your skin looking healthy and hydrated. Serums are a must for fall to balance the skin, and look for products that have hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, or retinol in them. Also, changing your moisturizer to something a bit heavier will help transition your skin into the winter months. We love our Oxygen Cream, but there are great products available at your local drugstore, including terrific options by La Roche-PosayNeutrogena, and Cetaphil.

Keep it clean. Try making your own mask at home to keep your face properly cleansed. I like a combination of yogurt—a great addition to any mask you might use—and kaolin clay (found at your local health-food store): Mix the clay with a little water, some yogurt, a splash of turmeric, and, if desired, a tablespoon lime juice is good, too. Leave on for 20 minutes and remove with a soft cloth. 

Break through the breakouts. When your skin is breaking out, I know the natural tendency is to try and do more, but you need less and then let the skin settle and heal. If your skin is breaking out, try icing it for three to five minutes a day. You can also make your own spot treatment: Dilute some iodine with distilled water, and clean the area. For men, using a light oil before shaving is a must during this time, too. We love our Marula Oil, but a light almond oil can be used, as well.

Adjust your diet. Of course, eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals will be very helpful during this seasonal transition, and will keep your immune system strong against things like the flu and colds. Additionally, the microbiome in your gut has to be healthy or your whole body will be off—especially your skin. I strongly recommend my clients take a good probiotic all year long. At the salon, we sell Natren’s Trenev Trio, but there are many other good probiotics that can help keep your gut health in balance: One of my clients is a specialist in gastrointestinal care and recommends Align probioticsThorne’s Formula SF722 is an undecylenic acid supplement that makes a very good formula for combating yeast (which is the main cause of breaking out; I especially recommend this when traveling.)