Grooming with J’ai

I introduced you recently to my friend, the incredible skincare and makeup artist J’ai Lone. Because grooming doesn’t always come naturally for guys, I’ve asked her to share the advice that she gave me about caring for my skin with you, too. Here, her five man-simple tips for great skin. —M.S.

We all have skin, so good skincare is for everyone. Men no longer have to consider it taboo to use proper skincare products. That said, I find that most of my male clients like a simple, straightforward skin care plan that doesn’t take a lot of time. Men are great clients because they love a plan, especially if they see results. Michael is a great example of this; he has very little extra time to devote to his skin program and would much rather be working out or golfing than seeing me for a facial, but he will do his daily program because he knows it works.

Shaving and prepping the skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and every day the body sheds millions of flakes of skin. Shaving is a great way to help remove these flakes, but if you don’t prep the skin properly you will get in-grown hairs, razor burn, or develop super-sensitive skin. For all of my male clients, I recommend starting with my Marula oil. This amazing, lightweight oil from Africa softens the skin and lubricates the hair follicle without clogging the skin. Michael had this problem when I first met him and since he’s been using the oil, it has almost eliminated the issue. Massage eight to 10 drops of the oil into the skin and beard with warm water or by itself, let it settle for a minute or two, and then proceed to shave. If you don’t have Marula oil, try using a light almond oil instead.

Cleansing, cleansing, cleansing. I always recommend a good face wash to be used in the shower and not that old bar of soap in the dish. Michael’s been using my Gentle Cleanser for years and it’s been very effective. If you have acne or oily skin, using a cleanser that has benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid will be so helpful. At the studio, we have a strong acne cleanser that really works. However, if you don’t like to wash your skin at night or after a workout, using a good treatment pad with salicylic acid will do the trick, and I made Correction Pads specifically for this concern.

Moisturize. If you want to look your best, you must moisture after showering and at night (when the skin goes into repair mode) using either a serum or cream. Trust me, it will do wonders to combat the signs of aging. My Oxygen Cream is a favorite of my male clients, including Michael. There are a lot of choices for moisturizers out there, and it’s important to use one that will not clog your skin. Look for formulas that include hyaluronic acid or Vitamin C. 

All about the eyes. Dry, wrinkled eyes are not a good look on anyone. Using an eye cream will make you look much younger and will keep your eyes feeling less tired, too. One of my favorite eye creams that I have recommended for years is Lumière by Neocutis and my Silk Serum, both of which are fine for the most sensitive of eyes.

Masks. If you have time once or twice a week, do a mask. A mask with zinc and sulphur and my charcoal mask are great for detoxing; SCBI Vegan Stem Cell Face Mask is soothing and hydrating; and my Moisture Infusion Crème Masque will do wonders for your tired, commute- and work-weary skin.

The sun is not your friend. I hounded Michael for a long time about using sunblock, and he now uses one. Believe me, if you are outside you are receiving damaging rays into your skin, and now with all the blue light from our computers and phones, it is essential to use a good sunblock every day (and many of the newer sunscreens address blue light, too). Some of my favorite sunblocks are Journée by NeocutisLuzern La Defense Mineral SunscreenLa Roche-Posay, Neutrogena, and Isdin Eryfotona Artinica. Pick whichever one you like best, but use something!

My final tip: Don’t forget to trim your eyebrows, nose, and ears hair. It helps keep you looking clean and tidy!