Hashtag Holiday: #LoveYourPetDay

You know how much I love my furry sidekick, Enzo—and I’m getting the feeling you all do, too. Since everyone seems to be into watching Enzo live his best dog life, I thought we’d give you a peek into how I plan on spoiling my four-legged friend for #LoveYourPetDay… and every day in between, too.

Dog-park playdate: Socializing a pet is super important, which is why I believe nothing is better for Enzo’s mental health than letting him just be a dog with other dogs (humans can only provide so much entertainment). I try and get Enzo to a dog park at least once a week (I’ve also built him a smaller version out at Strayland, so when we’re there he has some place to release all that pent-up doggie energy). This site offers a list of dog parks by state, and you can visit Nylabone.com, enter your zip code, and find options in your area, too.

Good-boy treats: Aside from human food (which we limit to chicken and rice, peanut butter, and the occasional apple slice), one of Enzo’s favorite treats are pig ears. Now they might sound a little gross (and they’re not anything to look at, either), but boy, does Enzo love them. A pig ear, like these from Pawstruck, will keep him busy for an entire morning. 

Walking the dog: I get up early every day and sometimes don’t come back till late at night—and I know Enzo gets really lonely for company when I’m not around. So I arrange to have a dog walker come to the house to take him for a stroll around the block, feed him, freshen up his water bowl, and just give him a little extra love. If you need help finding a qualified dog walker in your area, check out Rover.com or Wag!.

Dog massage:Whether I’m flying out to L.A. for NFL on FOX or in a car heading into N.Y.C. for my mornings on GMA and Strahan & Sara, it seems like I’m always going somewhere. So, Enzo does a lot of traveling, too—by plane and automobile—so I give him a little extra TLC as soon as we get back home with a dog massage. And the massage does more than relax Enzo; it also helps improve his joint flexibility, increase oxygenation, and promote overall good health. You can ask your vet about massage, or check out this article by The American Kennel Club to guide you in doing it yourself at home.