Hashtag Holiday: Michael’s #NappingDay Hot Picks

Most of my friends and colleagues know that I sleep whenever I get the chance: backstage, on planes, and in automobiles (that I’m not driving, of course). That’s because when you run around as much as I do every day, you realize the power a good nap can have: According to the Mayo Clinic, a 20-minute nap offers a ton of health benefits including the ability to reduce fatigue and increase alertness, improve your mood and memory performance, and just good old relaxation. In honor of #Napping Day, I pulled together a list of things to help you get relaxed for your next snooze.

Robe Up: I’m not really a robe guy, but I’ve always wanted to be one because they always look so cozy. The Dude Robe is premium hoodie material on the outside and lined in towel on the inside, so it’s the best of both worlds—and is perfect for napping in.  

Water Works: I drink about two liters of water a day to keep myself hydrated and, as luck would have it, being well hydrated can lead to better sleep, too. Aquahydrate Purified Water with electrolytes is my go-to. 

Sleep Scents: One important to consider when you’re looking to catch a few zzzz’s is setting the mood with scents. There are all sorts of essential oils that can help you relax pre-sleep, but the ease of the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray by This Works—with lavender, vetiver, and wild chamomile—makes getting in the right frame of mind a cinch.

Tuck In: I’m an expert at being able to fall asleep just about anywhere, so having a good travel pillow is really important when I’m resting up in transit—and the Infinity Pillow by Huzi Design makes sure I can get comfortable wherever I am. 

Pajama Game: I’m pretty particular about the pajamas I wear to bed (or, in this case, to nap in), so of course I decided to make my own. This May, MSX by Michael Strahan will debut a line of fitted sleep and loungewear. I’m super excited about it, so make sure you check back in for updates.