Hashtag Holiday: National Underwear Day

It’s a funny thing, underwear: You wear it every day (well, most of us do, anyway), yet underwear is pretty much the last thing anyone thinks about when they get dressed in the morning. For the most part, we’re all concerned about what we’re wearing on the outside and if it looks good—but, I’d argue, the essentials might be the most essential piece of clothing we put on (it’s called a “foundation garment” for a reason). And let’s be honest: We all know that an uncomfortable pair of underwear can pretty much ruin your whole day. Which is why today’s National Underwear Day is, in my opinion, a very important “holiday.” 

I’ve only recently become someone who pays attention to the layer underneath: the fit, the cut, and the material. Statistically speaking, most guys wait a full year to purchase new underwear (a fact you might not want to think about for too long). I’ve decided to start a new trend to help buck that outdated system and make it a little bit easier for men to keep their drawers neat, organized, and on point with my Collection By Michael Strahan and MSX by Michael Strahan underwear collections. I’ve worked to create a selection of boxers, briefs, boxer-briefs, and undershirts that will work with everything from workout clothes to jeans to suiting for any size and shape so you can find the ones that work best for you and help you to raise your game.