Heavy Rotation: Michael’s “Lazy Day” Playlist

This time of year was made for my favorite kind of days: the kick-back-and-relax, nowhere-to-be ones. I love a Sunday afternoon with nothing in my future but the kids gathered on the couch, a board game on the coffee table (we’re all pretty competitive, so Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly: New York Giants Edition and  are perfect for us because they can last for hours), and Enzo snoozing at my feet. You all know how much I love music for any time or kind of day, and so I’m today I’m sharing my personal “Lazy Day” Playlist with you. The songs—including smooth-as-silk Frank Ocean, a little soulful Bob Marley, some Ella Mai slow-jam—all have the power to get me in the right headspace to take a load off and just enjoy the moment. 

I know everyone has a song that has the power to lower your blood pressure. What are your favorites? Tweet me at @michaelstrahan with your picks.