In the Zone: La Helps Kick-start Your Routine

When it comes to getting and staying fit, La wrote the book on tough love and no excuses. But even she understands how hard it can be to get a new workout routine off the ground, so I’ve asked her to share some of her best tips below. —M.S.

When it comes to beginning a new health regimen, I have two rules: Stop looking for the quick fix and learn to be patient. You didn’t gain that weight overnight, so it stands to reason that you won’t lose it overnight, either. Take the time to meditate daily and visualize what the “new you” will feel and look like. See yourself with confidence and with the ability to get it done. 

The key to getting started with a new workout routine is to keep yourself motivated by making your workouts fun.

Have a plan. My motto is, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”Create a roadmap for how you are going to get to your best self. Don’t do too much at once and make realistic goals (short term and long term) for yourself so you set yourself up for success. One of my favorite fitness apps is NTC by Nike because it allows you to build a program and plan whether or not you will be in the gym or at home. You decide how many days a week you want to work out and for how long.

Create a schedule. How many days a week are you planning to work out and at what time? Make sure you mark your calendar—and don’t cancel on yourself.

Track of your success. I recommend weighing yourself once every four weeks and asking a friend to do circumference measurements on you. Healthy weight loss is one to two pounds a week, and losing the inches is more important than what the scale says. 

Partner up. Find a workout wingman (or woman), someone who will hold you accountable for showing up and putting in 100 percent effort.

Keep it fresh. Try switching up your exercise routine by adding something new to the circuit: Throw in a yoga class, cycling, boxing, hiking, etc. Anything that keeps you engaged and interested to keep pushing yourself.