Photo credit: Annie Wermiel

In the Zone: Mohamed Elzomor Breaks Down Working Out

You all know how I feel about health, wellness, and exercise. Along with hard work, I think that fitness is one of the keys to developing a winning attitude; it’s good for the body andthe mind. But changing your lifestyle isn’t easy; if it were, everyone would be in the best shape of their lives. I’m always on the lookout for new inspiration from people I respect and admire. A couple of months ago, I introduced you to personal trainer and fitness expert Mohamed Elzomor. His attitude about raising his health and wellness game is second to none, so I’ve asked him to share with us some of his best advice on how to jumpstart a routine. —M.S.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when setting up a plan to reach your fitness goals.  

Envision. Figure out what your actual goal is and then create an image in your mind of what that goal actually looks and, more importantly, what that goal feels like. Honestly, I find this to be the most important piece of advice, and the backbone of what I instill in all of my clients. It all starts in the mind: If you can visualize what it is you want, in as much detail as possible, you begin to attract it. Use all five senses as often as possible. Act and feel as if you are already who you want to become—then it’s only a matter of time from there!

Expectation. Be realistic about how often you can train so you can thoughtfully to plan out an appropriate exercise routine. Set days and times that you will commit to training—and stick to it. Without discipline and consistency, goals and dreams will always be just out reach. 

Expertise. It really helps to work with a fitness professional in order to help create a safe and effective plan towards reaching your goals. And I’m not saying this because I am a personal trainer; I know this to be a fact because I experienced it myself when I was starting out. Whether you’re working with a trainer several times a week, once a month, or even just a couple of times in the beginning to get things started, having someone who you’re accountable to and who can give you exercises and share knowledge that you wouldn’t have had otherwise is a crucial ingredient for success.