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In the Zone: Sabra Goes Back to (After)school

For most parents out there, school has finally started (is it just me, or are the last two weeks of August the longest two weeks of the entire summer?), and it’s time to get back into non-vacation mode with our schedules and our eating. So, we checked in with our friends at Sabra for a little inspiration on how to make afterschool snacking good and good for you, too, and they shared a couple of great tips with us:

Snack prep. It’s easy to D.I.Y. your own snack packs, so you’ve got stuff at the ready for dropping into lunch boxes and briefcases, or for heading out to school, to the office, to practice, or to the gym. Try prepping some grab-and-go options on Sunday, so you’re ready to take on the week’s frenzy of activity. Tried-and-true snack-pack options include handmade trail mix (nuts, dried fruit like cranberries or raisins, granola), or plain popcorn and mini pretzels tossed with a few dark-chocolate chips to satisfy the sweet tooth. 

Make it fresh. When in doubt, go for snacks that are fresh and without a list of ingredients on the side of the package. Having a selection of pre-cut fruits and veggies on hand and easily accessible for hungry kids, along with something delicious and nutritious to dip them in, is a great way to refuel. Think peanut or almond butter along with sliced apple; cantaloupe and melon or berries with plain yogurt; and, of course, Sabra Hummus or Guacamole with everything from sliced vegetables to crackers.  

Get creative. For the kids who need something more substantial to get them from afterschool to sports or rehearsals, Sabra’s executive chef, MaryDawn, has a selection of mouth-watering recipes from her own kitchen as well as from Sabra’s blogger community (a.k.a. Sabra Tastemakers), to try. Here are a couple that fit the afterschool-snacking bill:

Avocado and Hummus Toast
Makes 1 serving

1 slice multigrain or whole-wheat bread

Tbsp. Sabra Classic Hummus

¼ of an avocado, sliced

2 slices of tomato (optional)

1 tsp. of sesame seeds or salt, pepper and red pepper flakes (optional, to taste)

Directions: 1. Toast bread to desired doneness. 2. Spread Sabra Classic Hummus over toasted bread. 3. Top with slices of avocado and optional tomato. 4. Sprinkle with optional sesame seeds or salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes.

Bruschetta Pizzetta
Makes 6 servings

Naan Flatbread

Tbsp. Sabra Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

1 Tbsp. roasted tomato sauce

1 Tbsp. tomato bruschetta

1 Tbsp. shredded parmesan

1 Tbsp. fresh mozzarella, sliced

½ cup fresh arugula

2 tsp. fresh basil, chiffonade (check out how to cut basil chiffonade here)

½ Tbsp. roasted red bell pepper, diced

Directions: 1. Grill naan flat bread until  marked. 2. Spread Sabra Roasted Red Pepper Hummus on flat bread covering entire top. 3. Swirl tomato sauce into hummus. Add bruschetta, mozzarella, and red bell pepper. Add Parmesan cheese. 4. Bake  at 425° F for approximately 10 minutesor until crispy and bubbling. 5. Remove from oven. Cut and top with arugula and basil, and serve.