Keep It Carry-On: Michael’s Stylist Breaks Down How to Pack for any Trip

Traveling is an amazing experience… Packing is not!

For a lot of people packing is the worst part of a trip.  You pack too much and have to pay to check a bag, or you pack a ton but nothing you actually need.  The majority of trips people take are shorter trips, and believe it or not you can be prepared for any occasion from casual to a client dinner, and keep it all to a carry-on bag.

Below is your new go-to packing list for any trip, along with ways to combine it all so you’re ready for anything!

The Packing List
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Short-Sleeve Polo
Chino Pants (For a client meeting or the golf course)
Short Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt
Four-Way Stretch Workout Shorts
Knit Workout Pants
Jogger Pants
Knit Hoodie
Quarter-Zip Pullover
Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt
Cotton Crewneck T-Shirt
Suit Jacket
Suit Pants – Slim Fit
Dress Shirt
A Tie
Leather Oxford Shoes
Hi-Top Sneakers
Good Pair Of Leather Sneakers
Boxer Briefs (Thought This Should Be a Given)


Travel Look:
Combine the  Jogger Pants, Short Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt, Knit Hoodie, and your Hi-Top Sneakers.
Workout Look:
Combine Your Short Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt, Knit Workout Pants, Or  Your Stretch Shorts, with Hi-Top Sneakers.

Golf Look:
Combine The Chino Pants And A Short-Sleeve Polo, and Leather Sneakers.
Dinner Look:
Keep The Chino Pants, Short-Sleeve Polo, And Add Your Quarter-Zip Pullover, and Leather Sneakers.
Business Look:
Slim Fit Suit Pants and Jacket, Cotton Stretch Dress Shirt, Wicked Plaid Tie, And The Leather Oxford Shoes.

Dinner Look:
Slim Fit Suit Pants and Cotton Stretch Dress Shirt With The Leather Oxford Shoes.
Boxer Briefs and Cotton Stretch Crewneck T-Shirt.

How To Transition The Looks
From the travel look, the short sleeve crew neck t-shirt, can be worn with the knit workout pants and four-way stretch shorts to the gym.

From the golf course, you can add the blue quarter-zip pullover to wear out at night for dinner.

From your business meeting, you can take the tie and suit jacket off, and wear that for dinner or a night out!

Keep your packing simple, stylish, and keep it carry-on!

-Victoria Trilling, Michael Strahan’s Wardrobe Stylist-
Instagram: @vtrilling