Life Hacks for a Successful Work Week

The workweek gets busy and before you know it there’s no time to take care of yourself. Here are 5 life hacks to make that stressful week a little easier!

1. Meal Prep

Eating healthy is essential to staying on top of your work game, and the best way to assure you keep your diet on track Monday through Friday is to plan ahead. Also, by preparing your meals in advance, you will maximize your time in the kitchen by making multiple meals at once. By cutting down time in the kitchen, you can spend more time doing the things you want to do. In addition, this is a great way to save money as you can buy items in bulk. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, preparing your meals ahead of time can be done for any meal.

2. Stop Hitting Snooze

It’s 6am, you’re bundled up in your covers and sound asleep…until your alarm goes off. Instinctively we reach over and either turn off the alarm or hit the snooze button. What if you put your alarm clock (usually our phone) across the room? When you put your alarm out of reach, it forces you to actually get out of bed to turn it off, and once you’re out of bed it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll go back to sleep.

3. Pack Your Gym Bag The Night Before

When your alarm goes off early in the morning; it’s easy to roll over and hit snooze (unless you follow our #2 hack), but you know you should go to the gym. You then lay in bed thinking about how you still need to pack your gym bag and how that will eat away valuable gym time. If you’ve already packed your bag, then you’ve got no excuse. Another great tip, is to put your gym bag by the door, that way you can’t leave the house without seeing or tripping over it. So if you miss your morning workout, there’s always the option of an afternoon sweat session.

4. Turn Your Social Media Notifications Off

We’ve all had it; that moment when you realize you spend entirely too much time on social media. Nothing is more distracting during the workday than when your friend tags you on Facebook and notification after notification starts rolling in. Every time you click on the Facebook icon to see who’s “commented 0n” or “liked” the post, you lose valuable minutes in your day. If you look at the big picture, you could be wasting several hours per week on social media. Not to worry, there’s an easy fix. Turn off your notifications (at least during the workweek). By turning off your social media notifications you won’t be so easily distracted and will immediately increase your productivity.

5. Get Up And Move

One of the absolute best ways to give yourself a burst of energy during the day isn’t with a cup of coffee or a Red Bull; in fact, sugar and caffeine have nothing to do with this hack. The real secret to getting that added boost is to simply get up and move. Studies have shown that hopping up from your desk and cruising around the building, or walking a few flights of stairs will dramatically increase your energy. These mini spurts of motion can help decrease fatigue, improve your overall mood and ultimately increase your productivity in the workplace.