Michael’s Rules: No. 10

I’ve been really lucky to have the love and support of a lot of wonderful people throughout my life. Along the way, they’ve given me some pretty great advice which I now consider my own personal rules for living—words of wisdom that have helped me navigate my career and my life and that I would like to pass along to you, too.

After a few years, both Wanda and I remarried again. My second marriage didn’t work out, and I’m sad to say that you probably know—or can Google—more than I ever wanted to share about how we split up and what went wrong. One of the things I can say with confidence is that the divorce was the worst thing that ever happened to me. But in many ways it taught me one of the most important lessons. Ending that marriage taught me that I had to find myself, personally. Having to work through a failed relationship while raising children is like getting a master’s degree in partnership skills. Some people say I have two failed marriages. I’d rather say that I have two master’s degrees in human relationships.

You can read more about my story in my book, Wake Up Happy.