Michael’s Rules: No. 2

I’ve been really lucky to have the love and support of a lot of people throughout my life. Along the way, they’ve given me some pretty good advice which I now consider my own personal rules for living—words of wisdom that have helped me navigate my career and life and that I would like to pass along to you, too.

My father loved spending time with me and I always remember the fishing trips we used to go on, especially one we took to Spain while we were living in Mannheim, Germany. For my dad, fishing was a good way to relax and take in the serenity of the moment.  When I look back on those moments I realize they were lessons on life as well.   Throw the line out in the water, and every once in a while you get a little nibble that gives you hope that a big one is coming. Sometimes you’ll catch the big fish, and sometimes you won’t. At least having your line in the water gives you a shot.

You can read more about my story in my book, Wake Up Happy.