Michael’s Rules: No. 3

I’ve been really lucky to have the love and support of a lot of wonderful people throughout my life. Along the way, they’ve given me some pretty great advice which I now consider my own personal rules for living—words of wisdom that have helped me navigate my career and my life and that I would like to pass along to you.

When I moved to Houston for my senior of year of high school to play football, the guys who played with me, the coaches who worked with me will say that I came over from Germany and I killed it. They’ll say that they knew I was a star. But that is more good-hearted amnesia than it is actual truth. The semester that I played in Houston, I was never very good. In truth, when I started, I understood neither the game nor the technique. I had the work ethic, and I had the desire, but I didn’t have any skills to speak of. I had to figure it out. If I got good enough maybe one school would offer me a scholarship. It’s kind of like somebody buying your house. You don’t need a hundred offers. You just need one. So using all the grit, desire, and discipline I could muster, I worked towards—and got—my one chance.

You can read more about my story in my book, Wake Up Happy.