Michael’s Rules: No. 4

I’ve been really lucky to have the love and support of a lot of wonderful people throughout my life. Along the way, they’ve given me some pretty great advice which I now consider my own personal rules for livingwords of wisdom that have helped me navigate my career and my life and that I would like to pass along to you, too.

After my first two semesters at Texas Southern University, I was seriously contemplating dropping out. I was lonely, homesick, and completely unsure of everything I was doing and what I thought I wanted. While I was home for the holidays, I told my dad my plans and his response was: “But, Michael, what are you going to do … for you?” That question—and the way I worked to answer it—changed the course of my life. There’s no one who can tell my father something he doesn’t know about working hard to get what you want and, with his encouragement, I reconnected with my desire to succeed and my grit and discipline to make it happen. I realized that even the most determined among us have setbacks, and how you see yourself through those challenges makes all the difference in the world.

You can read more about my story in my book, Wake Up Happy.