Michael’s Rules: No. 5

I’ve been really lucky to have the love and support of a lot of wonderful people throughout my life. Along the way, they’ve given me some pretty great advice which I now consider my own personal rules for livingwords of wisdom that have helped me navigate my career and my life and that I would like to pass along to you, too.

In June of 1993, I was a new father. I had also just finished up my senior year at Texas Southern and was anxiously awaiting the official decision on what NFL team would have me. The plan was that I would be drafted by the Dallas Cowboys … until the unexpected happened and they traded their pick for another selection. As I watched it all unfold on television, I willed myself not to panic: Deep breath in. Deep breath out. There’s not a person alive who’s not experienced the sting of rejection—and, as we all know, other people’s choices and actions are entirely out of our control. But how we view ourselves is entirely up to us. I knew that I had done the work and done it well, and in those panic-filled moments, I knew that I would find my place—I just didn’t realize it was where I least expected it. And the rest, as they say, is history.

You can read more about my story in my book, Wake Up Happy.