On the Agenda: Float On This Fourth of July

Every year on July 4, we honor our country by recognizing the day when the Declaration of Independence was signed and the United States of America became an independent nation—the land of the free and the home of the brave. And because this is a day that’s meant to be celebrated, having fun is always part of our Fourth of July routine, especially when it involves a pool. Pool floats have really come a long way from when I was a kid—my options included an inner tube that got scorching hot in the sun and one moldy kickboard we all fought over—so we’ve come up with a list of some of the funniest and most ridiculous pool floats we could find so you can make a real splash of your own. Happy Fourth!

Giant American Flag Float: It wouldn’t be the Fourth if we couldn’t find a creative way to give our respect to the beautiful red, white, and blue. At more than five feet long, this waving American flag float will help you keep the patriotic spirit of the day. 

Funboy Yacht Pool Float: Crank up your Yacht Rock playlist (it’s a thing; check it out here) and live your best life (or pretend to) on this awesome yacht-shape pool float, complete with drink storage, headrest, and a “daybed” built for two. 

The Rosé Floaté® Pool Float: Make it rosé all day with this wine-bottle shape pool float. At more than seven feet long, this float is perfect for those of us who need some extra lounge room (ahem) and is seriously Instagram-shot worthy. #SummerGoals

Glow Chair Float: Sit pretty in the pool with this inflatable lounge chair that (wait for it) has a switch on the back so you can toggle between 12 different colors and keep your glow going all day long. You can really raise your pool-party game by dropping in a few of these LED Color Changing Glow Balls, too. 

Avocado Pool Float: Guacamole is one of our favorite summer snacks, so what better way to channel our love of this delicious fruit than with a giant avocado pool float? The best part: The pit is removable and doubles as a pool-game ball. 

GoPong Pool Party Float: This one is for the adults only, but it’s pure genius: A six-by-three-foot floating table that has a full 10-cup beer pong setup on either side, along with a built-in cooler to put your drinks on ice while you play. 

Giant Pizza Slice Pool Float: Because who doesn’t love pizza? This oversize pizza-slice float has a thick-crust headrest and will make you hungry just looking at it. To make the pool pizza even more fun, buy eight slices for a full pie with all the toppings!