On the Agenda: N.Y.E. Around the World

As we all know, New Year’s Eve is a pretty big deal all over the world. It’s really cool to think about the fact that people from all different cultures and walks of life recognize and celebrate the night before a new year—and some spots around the globe really do it up. With 2019 just hours away (in the U.S., that is), let’s take a look at how some international hot spots officially ring in the New Year.

Sydney: Fun fact: Sydney is the first major city in the world to welcome the New Year at midnight. And that’s not the only reason New Year’s Eve in Sydney is so cool: December marks the beginning of summer in Australia, which means locals and visitors alike gather on the beaches around Sydney Harbour to catch the legendary fireworks display over the famed Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

Dubai: This U.A.E. city has been on my travel bucket list for years—so you might find me celebrating New Year’s Eve 2019 at the spectacular Burj Khalifa skyscraper. Not only is it the world’s tallest building, measuring more than 2,700 feet high, it’s got a spectacular N.Y.E. fireworks show, too.

Hong Kong: This fast-paced city really knows how to have a good time, so it’s no wonder that New Year’s Eve is such a next-level celebration in Hong Kong. At the stroke of midnight, the city’s Victoria Harbour is lit up with a mind-blowing fireworks-and-laser light show all set to music.

New York City: The giant glitter ball, the confetti raining down, a million people in the streets. No list of New Year’s Eve hot spots would be complete without New York, and my hometown of Manhattan is pretty much synonymous with the event. In fact, this year, I’ll be making a cameo appearance with my Fox NFL Sunday crew on Fox’s New Year’s Eve with Steve Harvey: Live From Times Square.