What to Watch: NFL Thursday Night Football

I’m so excited for the kick-off of NFL Thursday Night football—and not only because my good friend and colleague, Erin Andrews, is part of the broadcasting team covering the action. I like to think of myself as a football super-fan because, in my line of work, I get to approach every game from both sides: as a player and as an analyst.

As a player, I watched a lot more footage and studied one individual team so much that I knew the players backwards and forwards. As an analyst, I have to study all the teams: all the different things going on around the league, who’s changed teams, who’s wearing what, who are the difference makers, who are the guys you expect to have a great season … and the ones who end up surprising everyone. There’s definitely a lot more information to take in as an analyst, but you take it in on a much broader scope than you do as a player.

And that means I can root for everyone: I love my Giants, of course, but now I can freely be a big fan of players on every team, too. As a kid, I was always an Eagles fan; I liked wide receiver Harold Carmichael, and running back Wilbert Montgomery and quarterback Ron Jaworski. My other favorite team growing up was the Houston Oilers (now the Tennessee Titans) because I loved Earl Campbell, Dan Pastorini, and Ken Stabler. Now, I have favorite players on every team but really, I just appreciate the guys who go out and give it their all every weekend, and play because they love the game (and not just because there’s a nice check involved). I love to see someone play because they have passion for the game, because that’s how I always tried to do it.

So, it’s game on this Thursday. Click here for more information.

Photo ©New York Football Giants, Inc.