On the Agenda: Presidents’ Day

Many of us just think about Presidents’ Day as that long weekend in February where we get an extra day off of work or school (technically, it’s the third Monday in February when we honor the birthdays of two of our most influential presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln). But, as these holidays always are, they become moments for reflection: of the sacrifices of the past, the feeling of gratitude we have in the present, and our hopes and dreams for a better, brighter future. This President’s Day, try doing something on your own or with the kids that recognizes the spirit of the holiday: Visit a national park (fun fact: President Theodore Roosevelt built the land conservancy program that created out national parks). Challenge your U.S. history with this interactive quiz. Take a virtual tour of the White House. Or check out Washington’s inspiring farewell address, which is read aloud in the Senate on February 22 each year.