Photo credit: Religion of Sports

Plugged In: Religion of Sports “Why Sports Matter” Podcast

There’s so much online content out there and not enough hours in the day to discover the best. So, to help you stay in the digital loop, the SMAC team and I collected and curated some of our favorite picks for the apps, blogs, sites, and social-media handles we’re regularly plugging into. M.S.

This week, we’re downloading and really digging into the Religion of Sports “Why Sports Matter” Podcast. Gotham Chopra, Tom Brady, and our own Michael Strahan (the team that created the Religion of Sports docuseries) present this narrative series that each week builds a new story around a larger theme: mortality, tribalism, and authenticity. Each of the current eight episodes is told through the first-hand voices of extraordinary people—which really makes “Why Sports Matter” a podcast to listen to and learn from. Whether it’s exploring grief and healing after tragedy (Episode 5: “The Humboldt Broncos”) or understanding the mindset of athletes who willingly face death (Episode 8: “Jeff ‘Cannonball’ Guierriero”), “Why Sports Matter” searches for purpose and meaning without shying away from nuance, or the salient political and social issues of our time.

Check out the “Why Sports Matter” podcast, now available for free on iTunes