Plugged In: Sworkit, Baby

There’s so much online content out there and not enough hours in the day to discover the best. So, to help you stay in the digital loop, the SMAC team and I collected and curated some of our favorite picks for the apps, blogs, sites, and social-media handles we’re regularly plugging into. M.S.

After all that cake talk last week, we might all need to double down on the exercise. Well, here comes Sworkit to the rescue! For starters, we really love the name—it makes us want to dance (which Michael did when he and Sara had tech and lifestyle expert Stephanie Humphrey on GMA Strahan & Sara to talk about this awesome app). But we’re thinking we should probably save our energy for the exercise, because Sworkit is like having your own personal trainer guiding you with video workouts that are tailored to your needs and can be done in five to 15 minutes. The Sworkit motto: No gym needed, no excuses.

With the ability to customize workouts with achievable goals, Sworkit can dramatically improve your fitness in as little as six weeks—no matter what point (couch potato or weightlifting warrior) you’re starting off at. You can choose any level and any exercise: There’s yoga for runners, five-minute abs, daily stretches, advance full-body routines, and a whole lot more. You can select the length of your workout to suit whatever your schedule for that day will allow, from five- to 60-minute plans. Videos take you step by step through each of the moves for whatever exercise you’re doing, too—all without having to haul yourself to the gym. And when you get bored, Sworkit makes it easy to switch things up, so staying interested and active is no sweat (pun intended).

Check out the Sworkit app at the App Store (for your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV), on Google Play. You can also read the Sworkit blog for some great information on health, fitness, and wellness.