Plugged In: The Foodvisor App

There’s so much online content out there and not enough hours in the day to discover the best. So, to help you stay in the digital loop, the SMAC team and I collected and curated some of our favorite picks for the apps, blogs, sites, and social-media handles we’re regularly plugging into. M.S.

My sidekick Sara calls this app “magical” and I think she’s definitely onto something. With the snap of a picture, the Foodvisor app acts like your own personal food diary, tracking what you eat (and how many calories you consume) in a day. And it’s really as simple as that. 

Most of us who are either looking to lose weight or attempting to stay on top of our diets have had experiences with food-tracking apps where you have to manually log in what you’re consuming at every meal (which is both time-consuming and a little bit annoying). With Foodvisor, however, all you need to do is take a picture of the plate in front of you and the app will work to recognize and break down the nutritional information for you, including fat, proteins, carbs, fibers, and total calorie count. It’s really mind-blowing how easy it is(it would have made all the difference when I was attempting to keep up with JLo and A-Rod during that no-sugar, no-carbs challenge earlier this year). Props go to our GMA Strahan & Sara tech and lifestyle expert Stephanie Humphrey who gave us the heads up on this amazing app!

You can check out and download the free Foodvisor app at the App Store (for your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV), or on Google Play for your Android device.