The Sit Down: Michael Strahan

From time to time, I’m going to pull up a seat with my friends and acquaintances and ask them some hard-hitting questions to see what makes them tick. Questions like, “Boxers or briefs?” and “What’s your most useless talent?” And when I do, I’ll share them with you. But it only seems fair that I take a crack at answering my own questions before I ask anyone else, right? So, I am pleased to introduce “The Sit Down” interview series and the very first one with yours truly.

Boxers or briefs? “That’s a trick question. Boxer briefs, the longer ones.”

Most embarrassing item of clothing currently in your closet? “I have several: First, the Santa Claus onesie. Next, an old, white, faux fur Barbados coat that I’ve never worn out, but makes me look like a polar bear when I put it on. And then I have a suit that looks like a 70s throwback to The Temptations … wig Included.”

Your personal motto? “Gratitude should be your attitude!”

Suit up or dress down? “Dress down.”

Your current obsessions? “The song ‘Stir Fry’ by Migos. And any show about cars.”

Your most perfect, crazy-indulgent meal? “Start out with a nice pepperoni pizza and a Shake Shack double-burger patty. Then over to Chick-Fil-A for two chicken sandwiches and waffle fries covered in Chick-Fil-A sauce. And don’t forget a milkshake or Dairy Queen Blizzard.”

The most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you this week? “I was walking my dog and ran right into a bench. They put a bus stop bench in the middle of the sidewalk! It cut a big chunk outta my shin. Blood was running down my pants and into my socks. Thank God it was at night and nobody saw me.”

Who would you pick to play you in a movie about your life? “Michael B Jordan. He’s smaller than me but we’d make him look bigger.”

Your first concert? “LL Cool J, 1989, Houston Texas. Matter of fact, it was LL Cool J and Public Enemy. Years later, LL performed at my Hall of Fame ceremony.”

The last time you cursed? “Last time I cursed, was in the gym riding my Peloton bike with the instructor screaming at me to crank the resistance up to 75 and ride up a hill. The word I used was, ‘F*ck!’”

Would you rather be completely invisible for one day or able to fly for one day? “Oh, invisible.”

What’s the most useless talent you have? “Spitting water really far through the gap in my teeth.”