Style Session: Stuart Billingham’s Fall Fashion Tips

As the senior director of Design and Brand Management for men’s private label collections at JCP, my friend and MSX fashion collaborator Stuart Billingham not only knows how to put an outfit together, he’s also really keyed into what trends are on the horizon in men’s style. So with fall right around the corner, I thought I’d ask Stuart for a little fashion guidance for the upcoming season.

Michael Strahan: What’s your advice for guys who are looking to raise their style game? 

Stuart Billingham: Dress to your comfort level, but don’t get too safe or slouchy. You can always create your whole wardrobe with just a few easy pieces. Oh, and lastly: Don’t try to dress like a teenager unless you areone. <laughs>

M.S.: Well, I’m definitely not a teenager anymore. What are the five wardrobe essentials I should have in my closet right now?

S.B.: A well-fitting T-shirt is a must; I love the MSX Premium Mesh tee. A casual buttondown shirt works with everything. A good, quality pair of slim jeans. A nice pair of leather sneakers, and a decent pair of shoes. Then you can layer up with jackets, etcetera, depending on the weather. You can also substitute some traditional fabrics in those styles for more modern fabrics that won’t make you look like you’re wearing gym gear, but can help the comfort factor (like MSX by Michael Strahan). You should also own at least one nice suit; you never know when you might need it … Collection by Michael Strahan can help with that, too. 

M.S.: What are your favorite trends for fall?  

S.B.: Sustainability. It’s not really a trend; it’s just the right thing to do. We are not where we need to be, but it’s definitely where I would like MSX to be in the near future, and see it as the next big initiative. Also, the future of performance lifestyle product. We have some incredible new styles coming down the pipeline in MSX that you would not normally associate with an athleisure line, but they fit the brand aesthetic and where the market is heading so well.

M.S.: You travel a lot for work. What’s your favorite city?  

S.B.: Tokyo, Japan. It’s the go-to location in the industry for finding future trends, but I also feel so comfortable and inspired there, so I look forward to it every time.