Tackling The Perfect Tailgate

With the football season well underway, it’s time we make sure your tailgate game is as flawless as your team’s undefeated record! We caught up with a handful of top-notch tailgaters across the country to get their best pieces of advice in order to help you raise your tailgating game.

Be Practical

While it’s great to blow it out and have the BEST looking tailgate at the stadium, sometimes it’s not always practical. A festive set up is key, but be smart with how much you bring and how much you have to do to get this tailgate underway. Have everything organized and the car packed (as much as possible) the night before. Just remember, if you bring dozens of things to your tailgate, that’s dozens of things you have to pack up when you’re trying to get in the stadium for kick off.

Create A Game Plan

Know where you’re going, where you’re parking and how you plan on setting up. Nothing is worse than spending precious tailgating time circling the parking lot looking for your space. In addition, if you’re bringing games (beer pong, corn hole, etc.), make sure you have all the pieces, parts and accessories. The last thing you want to do is spend 30 minutes building the beer pong table only to realize you left a few critical screws at home. Lastly, know your exit strategy; nothing’s worse than a big time win or a gut wrenching loss followed by 2 hours of tail lights trying to leave the parking lot.

Cook In Advance

Tailgates are supposed to be fun, so why spend hours in front of a grill when you can spend hours hanging with your friends. So here’s the most obvious piece of advice that’s often overlooked, do as much as you can the night before. Cook your wings, shape your burger patties, cut your veggies… That way, when game day arrives you’ll save a ton of time.

Bonus Tip: Use a checklist to make sure you have everything… Nobody wants to be the guy who forgot the condiments for the burgers.

Bring Accessories

Everybody loves swag and everybody loves supporting his or her team. So the best way to make sure your tailgate is a hit is to bring all sorts of fun accessories. From team colored beads and pom-poms, to temporary tattoos and foam fingers, you’ll be the most popular tailgate in the lot by handing out these goodies. With that said, make sure to bring stuff that you’re ok never seeing again as you probably won’t get much of it back.

Clean Up Crew

It’s moments before kick off and all you want to do is get to your seat, but the sea of food, trash and tailgating accessories are staring you in the face. Here’s the game plan; bring several large trash bags and a few extra large plastic containers. When you’re ready to call it quits at the tailgate you’ve got garbage bags nearby and don’t need to walk halfway across the parking lot to the overflowing trashcan. Then, open those plastic containers and just toss stuff in; you’ll have plenty of time to sort it at home after the game.

Now all you have to worry about is your team winning!