The 411: Adam’s New Artist Spotlight

I think Adam Blackstone’s middle name just might be “music” (check out my Sit Down interview with him if you need convincing). The award-winning musician-producer-songwriter was just nominated for an Emmy, too, for his work on Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl Half Time show, and since he knows his stuff, I’ve asked him to give us the inside scoop on some his favorite new music. —M.S.

At the top of my watch list right now is the band 4th Ave. A brand-new R&B-pop group, 4th Ave was born when Jaden Grey, Camry Jackson, Mikey Jimenez, and Marcus Pendleton hit it big on the ABC show Boy Band, but now, they have stepped into the spotlight all on their own. The guys are not only working with me, but also with some of the industry’s coolest collaborators, including Grammy-winning producer Timbaland, and songwriters Harold Lilly, Kenyon Dixon, and Zak Waters, so there’s a lot of exciting music to come. They’ve been featured on Tidal as a Rising Artist and have an upcoming stint as an MTV Artist to Watch. This fall, the band heads out on The Initiation Tour (you can buy tickets here) and the new EP, INITIATIONdrops on August 17.