Photo credit: Evan Pinkus | NY Giants Inc.

The 411: Are You Ready for Some Football?

Well, it’s finally here: the 2019 football season officially began last night! I’m always like a kid in a candy shop at the start of a new season, but it also makes me a little nostalgic for the old days, too. Part of me misses getting ready for the games—driving to the stadium, seeing the fans with the team jerseys on, the flags waving. There was a feeling, too, a focus that I turned on before I got onto that field; the injuries, and the stiffness and soreness were gone and I was ready to get after it.

And getting after it always entailed a little rough-and-tough trash-talking on the field against my opponents—if I’m honest, it’s one of the things I liked (and miss) the most about playing the game. Of course, I’d only talk when other players made me talk—and I gave as good as I got (I can’t tell you how many times I heard a gap-tooth joke from someone on the opposing line). But, truly, it was all respect, and so if you did something to me that was disrespectful or you started talking smack, I wasn’t going to back down to that. That motivated me more, and if I started talking, well let’s just say it was going to be a long day for the other guy (LOL)!

In honor of the new season and the long-standing tradition of gridiron smack talk, watch one of my favorite mouth-running moments.