The 411: “Creative Quest” by Questlove

My man Questlove and I have always had a pretty playful relationship. Whenever I go on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, he and I are always ribbing each other about one thing or another: who’s going to win the SuperBowl, why he’s always playing gap-themed music when I walk out on the stage … Questlove’s musical talent is undeniable and his knowledge of music is pretty mind-blowing, too. But what most people don’t know is that he’s also a New York Times’s bestselling author with books Mo’ Meta Blues, Something to Food About, Soul Trainand now his latest, Creative Quest.

According to Creative Quest, each creative person sits at the base of a tree whose branches stretch far and wide—and this book is like sitting under Quest’s tree. He’s been “working at the intersection of art and commerce” since he was a teenager, so in the book he shares with us personal stories and exercises to illustrate how he has learned to operate in those lanes at once and be successful in his creative endeavors. (He also has a little help from some of friends and mentors, including actor Fred Armisen and fellow Roots member Tariq Trotter.) Creative Quest is available anywhere books are sold, or you can download it from Audible (fun fact: Quest narrates much of the book, and it’s great to hear him talk about his unique approach to the creative process; plus, his voice is really soothing).

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