The 411: Daylight Saving Time is Here—Time to Change Your Underwear

We couldn’t be happier that Daylight Saving Time arrives this Sunday, November 4—although waking up in the pitch darkness isn’t ideal or good motivation to rise and shine and hit the gym before work; I will gladly set our clocks back an hour and catch up on some sleep.

Around the SMAC offices, we’ve also instituted another day of observance for November 4th: Buy New Underwear Day. The average guy waits a full year to buy new underwear (it’s a real statistic, people), so we thought if we can make a mental note to change our clocks, we can definitely remember to go out and  buy new underwear, too. Of course, I have your back (literally) with his Collection by Michael Strahan and MSX by Michael Strahan lines, so you can update your drawers in a snap.

So, this November 4th, remember: Change your clocks. Buy new underwear. #TickTockRestock