The 411: Have Good Luggage, Will Travel

As you can guess, I travel all of the time. I don’t think I’m ever in one place for more than seven days at a time. During football season, I travel every weekend for NFL on Fox and Good Morning America, from East Coast to West Coast (and back again), and I do a lot of overseas traveling, too. I’d like to say I have never missed a flight, but… One time, I had a very short layover in London and I thought I had to run across the airport to get to my connecting flight. It turns out I actually didn’t have to run in a big circle because the gate I was looking for was right next to the one I had just landed at and I wound up missing the flight.

Missed flights aside, I don’t mind traveling at all—I see a plane ride as a chance to disconnect and take a nap—especially if it’s for a vacation. My favorite spot is the Bahamas: quiet, relaxing, close, and sunny, where I do nothing other than golf, eat, and sit back and relax. So, between business and pleasure, I’m constantly on the road and the destination is always different, which is exciting and exhausting and also means I need to make those transitions as easy as possible. And that’s where owning good luggage comes in.

The most important thing about luggage is it has to be sturdy and stylish and stand out, so you can see it coming on the carousel. And the wheels have to run smooth; nothing’s worse than a loud rolling suitcase. So, with all of these preferences and opinions, I decided it was time to create my own luggage line as part of the Collection by Michael Strahan. Everybody needs great luggage, and since I travel so much, I wanted to make bags and suitcases that fit my lifestyle and hopefully help out other travelers frequently packing and unpacking, too. I worked closely with the design team to select features and technology that not only make travel easy, but good-looking, too. We just launched new styles including one of my favorites, the Westbury Wheeled Duffle, which makes packing for a long weekend a breeze.

Now if I could make getting through security just as easy …