The 411: Introducing Enzo

I have four fantastic kids—but there’s a four-legged member of the family who’s pretty great, also: Enzo, my two-year-old miniature golden doodle. (In case you’re wondering, yes, I named him after the legendary Italian motor-racing driver and founder of the iconic automobile brand, Enzo Ferrari, because you know how much l love my cars.) Enzo is a remarkable pooch who has the canine equivalent of a Harvard education. This guy knows it all: how to clean up after himself, how to pick up his toys, and he can even ring a bell when he wants to go outside. He’s training to be a service dog, too. As much as he knows how to do all of these things he’s also as playful and mischievous as any young pup.  Needless to say, you’ll see a lot of him on this site and I hope you enjoy.