The 411: J’ai Talks Men’s Grooming

“Men” and “grooming” are not necessarily two things that naturally go together—at least not for me. That was until I met the incredible skincare and makeup artist J’ai Lone who taught me that caring for my skin on the outside is as important as taking care of my body on the inside. —M.S.

Men need a good skin regimen but it doesn’t have to be a big deal: They need to clean skin properly, moisturize, and use a good sunblock. Most of my male clients like their programs to be pretty straightforward with not a lot of fuss, so my top recommendations would be a gentle or acne cleanser, a balancing scrub to be used in the shower, a good oil to prep the skin before shaving, and a moisturizing cream. With Michael working as much as he does, it’s so important for him to keep his skin clean and hydrated. But really Michael’s routine is pretty simple: First, I’m always on him to take his probiotics (which I’m sure he’s doing, of course J). Before shaving, Michael uses marula oil (like this one) to help with his ingrown hairs. After that, he cleanses his skin with my Gentle Cleanser. If his skin is oily, he follows up with a Correction Pad and the Oxygen Cream for hydration, and recently I started him on the Augustine Bader cream and sometimes a good stem cell serum. When he’s golfing or outside, I always have him use a good sunblock, too.