The 411: Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is tomorrow and, of course, the kids have had their costumes ready for the past month—now what about yours? Here are a few ideas from around our offices to help inspire your last-minute Halloween looks.

The On Trend CostumeGrab a partner, dig up some denim and leopard, pick up a cowboy hat at your local party store, and borrow a guitar from someone who actually knows how to play, and cue the applause: Instant Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) and Ally (Lady Gaga) from A Star is Born. (Note: No hair-washing required to nail this couples’ costume.)

The Jock: Throw on a sports jersey, swipe grease paint under both eyes, grab a football (or soccer ball or basketball), and go as your favorite professional athlete (hint: you can get some great Giants gear here).

The Joe to Go: Since you can’t walk more than two steps in our office without spotting a Starbucks coffee cup on someone’s desk, we thought dressing up as one for Halloween was appropriate. All you need is a white top and bottom (t-shirt and pants or a tank dress work well), a brown paper bag, and a print-out of that iconic logo. Grab a friend, a black visor and a green apron, and voila! You’ve got your barista, too.

The Partners in Crime: On the lam? You sure are, when you don black pants, black-and-white stripe shirts, black skull caps and gloves, and bandit masks (don’t forget a sack for all of the candy you’ve going to take from the kids). This costume works well for one, but is more fun with two. Thieves have never looked so fashionable.