The 411: Michael in “Entrepreneur Magazine”

Recently, my partner-in-daytime-crime Sara Haines very sweetly surprised me on the show with a shout-out for an interview I’d done for Entrepreneur Magazine. (I still can’t tell if she was making fun of the fact that I’m always smiling or if she thinks it’s cute.) The cover shoot was a blast—I was outfitted in a signature Collection by Michael Strahan suit, of course—and I loved having the chance to talk about how I’ve grateful I am for my post-football-career life. I’ve been able to take advantage of opportunities and challenge myself by trying new things that I know will expand not only my “new” playing field but life, too. Here’s an excerpt (you can read the full article here): 

“Strahan was talking with his manager, Constance Schwartz-Morini, a longtime NFL marketing executive who’d met Strahan during his second year as a pro and had gone on to become a big-time talent manager. Schwartz-Morini noticed Strahan’s interest in the business side of entertainment and thought he was missing the bigger picture. ‘You’re not just great on camera; you’re very smart behind the scenes,’ she recalls saying to him. So why not partner with her to build an agency? That got him thinking. Ownership is power, he realized—and even if he landed great TV gigs, that wouldn’t give him ownership. So in 2011, he and Schwartz-Morini founded the management company SMAC Entertainment and began building a roster that now includes sportscaster Erin Andrews, rapper Wiz Khalifa, fellow NFL-players-turned-­broadcasters Deion Sanders and Tony Gonzalez, and others. ‘Hopefully,’ he says, ‘it’s power you use in the right way, because it comes with a lot of responsibility.’ And Strahan and Schwartz-Morini thought of it that way: In a world where women and people of color are consistently underrepresented, they were now in a position to do something about it.”