Photo credit: Robin Layton

The 411: Michael Writes A Letter to His Dog

Well, now I’ve really done it: I’ve gone and written a love letter to my dog, Enzo, for the world to see. And there’s no coming back—now everyone’s going to know just what a ball of mush I am when it comes to my four-legged BFF. Along with some other pet-loving celebs—like Kristen Bell, Kelly Osbourne, and my GMA colleague Amy Robach—I contributed to the “bookazine,” A Letter to My Dog: Moving Stories and Tender Notes. In all seriousness, it’s a super sweet celebration of the special bond between devoted owners and their constant canine companions. Here’s a peek at my ode to Enzo:

“I always thought I shouldn’t get a dog because I didn’t have enough time to take care of one. No time for walks and too many other distractions in life to make sure that a dog was cared for properly. When we got you, the entire meaning of time changed. I love my time walking, playing, and traveling with you. Opening the door to walk into the house fills my heart with joy. You have made time slow down, distractions go away, and love fill my heart!”

With pictures by photographer Robyn LaytonA Letter to My Dog is available now at select retailers and on Amazon. Just keep your wisecracks to yourself (haha)!