The 411: Michael’s Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

Everyone knows I was glued to the TV last Sunday to watch the Patriots clinch their record-tying sixth Super Bowl win, but it wasn’t just about the football: this year’s Super Bowl commercials were on point: I’ll never say the word “Okay” again without thinking of Steve Carell, Lil Jon, and my girl Cardi B tapping her nails on that fancy soda can in the Pepsi ad. I laughed out loud when my man A-Rod was saved from eating more kale chips (must still be on that 10-day no-carbs, no-sugar challenge) by Mr. Peanut. Jason Bateman as the elevator operator to life’s worst experiences in the Hyundai commercial was hilarious. But my hands-down favorite of the night was one that I was also lucky enough to have a cameo in, and my COLLeCTION line was fortunate to support: the NFL 100. The spot, which celebrated the National Football League’s 100th season, was a pretty amazing undertaking and included:

  • 44 players
  • 3 groundbreaking women, including female football player and activist Sam Gordon, ESPN announce Beth Mowins, and Sarah Thomas (the first permanent female NFL official) 
  • 21 Hall of Famers
  • 11 Super Bowl MVPs
  • 284 Pro Bowlers
  • 53 Super Bowl rings (not including the sixthring Tom Brady just got after last Sunday’s game)
  • more than 200 tuxedos compliments of Collection by Michel Strahan
  • 1 Ninja (a.k.a. pink-haired Fortnite gamer Tyler Blevins)
  • … and 1 totally destroyed ballroom

Lastly, i have to give a shout out to my girl Tracy Perlman. We will be talking to her soon. Stay tuned for that….