The 411: Michael’s Hot Picks

What’s on my list of must-haves right now? Each month, I’ll share some of the things I’m really enjoying at the moment.

Headspace: You know I’m a big fan of slowing things down when I’m feeling overwhelmed, and the Headspace mindfulness and meditation app is a great way to help me stop and center myself when I just need to take a break.

Quest Nutrition Thin Crust Pizza: I love to eat but I can’t cave to every craving I have when I have it (I would be in serious trouble with La, for starters). The Thin Crust Pizzas from Quest Nutrition—which come in Four Cheese, Pepperoni, and Supreme—make giving into my need for pizza a little bit less indulgent and a lot higher in protein.

Código Rosa Tequila: Well, I’m officially calling it: Código Rose Tequila is the drink of summer. (Well, it’s mine at least.) Código starts with the brand’s Blanco tequila and is aged for a full month. Código is great served chilled and up, but it also makes one great Skinny Rosa Margarita, too.

Villa La Sirena, Lake Como, Italy: This might be one of my happiest places on the planet. From the views to the wine to the food, Lake Como is pretty much the most perfect, most romantic destination you can visit. My business partner, Constance, and I took our families to Lake Como and we had the best time. This villa overlooks the lake and is one of the most spectacular vistas I’ve ever seen! I definitely can’t wait to go back.