The 411: MSX by Michael Strahan x BLINK Fitness

Work out better, eat better, recharge better. That’s the Blink Fitness motto and one I can really get behind. Blink wants everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin in their gyms, regardless of size or age—and by putting the emphasis on mood over muscle, they do just that. Which is why I’m so excited to announce that select pieces from my MSX by Michael Strahan line will be available in Blink locations nationwide.

Check back for more details on exactly what MSX gear you’ll be able to find at Blink. And in the meantime, you can experience Blink for yourself at one of the 80-plus locations around the country and through the new Blink mobile companion. This app is changing the one-size-fits-all fitness landscape by presenting content culled from trusted sources around the Web and curating it just for you, with articles on everything from nutrition and exercise to improving mindfulness and sleep habits.