The 411: My Golf Game

No good man cave would be complete without a golf simulator, so when I moved my stuff into Strayland, I got myself a Full Swing Ultimate Golf Simulator. Yes, having your own golf simulator feels like a pretty serious commitment to the game, but I love golf almost as much as I love football (and on days when I’ve shot a 76, sometimes more than football).

Golf is a great but humbling game that reminds me a lot of life: Just when you think things are going great and you’ve got everything figured out, it can all go down the drain and quickly. Golf is a great release, but it’s also very grounding when you realize that no matter who you are, golf requires a lot of work and dedication.

In the summer, I don’t use the Full Swing quite as much because I can actually go out to the course, but on the East Coast when it’s cold in the winter (and, man, was it cold here this past winter), I probably use it three times a week. You realize they’re going to be months where you may not have an opportunity to even look at a golf course. I chose Full Swing because it was one of the best, one of the most realistic simulators out there. Even though you’re inside, you still want the experience to feel as real as possible and also give you the feedback you need so when the weather changes and you’re on an actual course, you still have that comfort level.

The simulator keeps my swing (somewhat) in check and most of the time, it’s not so much about playing a golf course on the thing but being able to use the practice range feature so I can grab whatever club I need to practice with to make sure I hit that as well as I can and work on the areas of my game that feel deficient. When I have a tournament or a friendly (LOL) competition with my friends I will use the simulator as a tune up. If I haven’t had a chance to really hit the ball in a while and can’t get to the course to practice, I’ll swing five times, ten times,  just to get that muscle memory with the swing to kick in. Now if I could just shoot a 65, I’d be in business and maybe football would be my second best sport!”