Heavy Rotation: My “Wake Up Happy” Playlist

Listen to Michael’s Spotify Playlist

It’s no secret that I think music is the best way to get your day started off on the right foot. Forget about coffee; coffee comes after the music. I believe that a good song can put you in the right state of mind for a successful day. I listen to music when I’m brushing my teeth, when I’m in the car on the way to work, when I’m getting ready in my dressing room, you name it. I’ve already rotated through a lot of songs before my day’s even started, which is why I created (and keep adding to) a list of my all-time favorite tracks to get me going and keep me moving: MICHAEL’S WAKE UP HAPPY PLAYLIST.

So, how did I put this list together? There’s no science to it, really. When I hear something I like, I add it to the list, simple as that. And each song I choose brings a little something different to the music party: You want a song to pump you up? It’s on there!!! You want a song to just let your mind wander to? I’ve got one for that, too!!

Overall, songs speak to me based on what time of day it is. When I wake up, my go-to has to have an old-school feel-good vibe, something that makes you smile, like “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers (nothing beats that song in the morning). But as the day gets going, I look for songs that are more upbeat, more fun, and loud. Backstage on Good Morning America, I head straight for hip-hop and I’m lucky that my producer on the show has volunteered to be the dressing room DJ.  The dressing room takes on a energetic fun vibe and that carries over to the day even if it’s a stressful one.

For workouts, I go back to college and pop in the Geto Boys or Scarface, or I think about my early days in New York, and listen to The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac. And then sometimes, I’m feeling a little Jay Z, Mary J. Blige, Coldplay, Alicia Keyes, or even Snoop Dogg, Future, Wiz Khalifa and 50 Cent. I really do listen to and appreciate all different kinds of music.

And here’s something that not many people know: I once recorded an actual song, “Brinks Truck,” with country superstar Randy Travis on an album named (NFL Country). Maybe if this TV thing doesn’t work out, I can pack my bags and head for Nashville.