The 411: Raising Your Resolutions Game

Okay, just admit it: In the first week of the new year, we all come out of the gate with a list of big, important resolutions a mile long—drink more water, exercise every day, just say “no” to French fries—you know the drill. And then by the third week of January, those resolutions are nothing but distant memories. So, what can we do to make these 2019 promises stick? Take a look at these suggestions below.

Manifest your future. My friend, Tony Gonzalez, has daily ritual he refers to as “self-talk.” It’s a daily affirmation that helps keep him grounded and focused on his goals. Every morning, he sets aside a few minutes to visualize his dreams and aspirations; for example, you want that promotion at work? See yourself in the corner office. To help remind himself that he can handle just about anything that comes his way, he also repeats a mantra. It’s a practice he’s instilled with his daughters, too. Take a page out of Tony’s book and create a daily practice of reflecting on your goals.

Join the club. Look for outside help to support your resolutions. Want to read more books? Check out your local library to see if there’s a reading group. Or gather a few friends to create a book club and meet once a month. Looking to kick start a new exercise routine? Get a frequent flyer pass at a local gym or barre/cycling/yoga studio and make a date to go once a week with a friend.

Be realistic and specific. Make a list of the things you’d like to accomplish and set an attainable next step for getting things done. If you’re looking to lose weight, make a resolution to download a weight-management app. Break down your goals into manageable steps so you don’t get overwhelmed and then think practically about how you will make that goal happen.

Have fun. Don’t just load up your list with resolutions that are all hard. Add a little something fun to the mix, like changing up your summer vacation routine (swimming with the pigs in the Bahamas, anyone?) or trying one new food or restaurant a month.